For advanced users, below are some extra things which may help you to make the most of the Hawkzy tracking solution.

Custom Parameters

Custom parameters can be helpful when you have a website that has a membership system (where users can log into your website.

If they are logged in, you can specify their identifier (e.g.: email, user_id, name..etc) with our tracking code.

This becomes very helpful when trying to understand what your users are doing and what problems they encountered on your website.

You can do this by simply adding data-custom-parameters='{JSON_PARAMETERS_HERE}' like in the following example:

<script async src="" data-custom-parameters='{"name": "John Doe", "email": ""}'></script>

If that extra parameter is provided then, in the Visitors page you will see the icon near the visitor which tells you that that specific user has been identified with custom parameters.


A goal is something that you want to track that isn't tracked by default. This can be anything from a button click or download, to a specific pageview (such as a confirmation page after checkout).

Pageview Goals

The pageview goal is the easiest to set up and the conversion of the goal will happen once a visitor reaches a certain specified page.

A good example would be when you have a 'thank you' page after the conversion happened (newsletter sign up, purchase, form submission...etc) where the user will land on after an action.

Custom Goals

Custom goals will require some extra code implemented to the tracked website, which is specified when you create a new goal from your Hawkzy dashboard.

A custom goal is mainly used for when you want to track a specific event that happens on your website, which can't be tracked with the pageview method.

Some examples of where custom goals will can help with optimisation include:

  • Tracking clicks on external links
  • Tracking more advanced form submissions
  • Tracking clicks on specific parts of your pages, such as on menu items

Here is what a javascript snippet would look like for goal tracking:


When this code is triggered on your page, the goal conversion will be triggered as well on our side.